For Patients

The Integrated Care Collaboration (ICC) Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a tool designed for your healthcare provider to improve the quality of your care.  ICare helps organizations exchange healthcare data efficiently and effectively using a safe and secure electronic system.  This means your providers will have access to critical medical information allowing them to reduce costs, waste, and redundant testing while increasing the quality of care you and your family receive.

The ICC also respects the privacy of patients and allows individuals to decide if they would like to either opt in or not participate in the exchange.  While we encourage all patients to consent to participating in the HIE, we understand that some patients would not like their information shared.  If you do not choose to participate, your data will only be accessible to a physician if they deem it an absolute medical necessity in an Emergency Department.

Your participation isn’t limited to increasing the quality of your immediate care, it is also valuable in increasing the quality of care in your community.   The ICCs research and analytics team provides de-identified community and public reports to various healthcare providers in our area.  This allows healthcare organizations to collaborate on ways to improve community health by identifying different trends and issues.

Patient Forms

ICare Patient Authorization (English)

ICare Patient Authorization (English) FAQ

ICare Patient Authorization (Spanish)

ICare Patient Authorization (Spanish) FAQ

ICare Patient Revocation Form (English)

ICare Patient Revocation Form (Spanish)