Additional Tools


Along with Health Information Exchange, the Integrated Care Collaboration offers services that help support the care and treatment of the underserved in our community. Medicaider and the Patient Prescription Assistance Program (PPAP) provide valuable tools for ICC collaborative members by automating time consuming tasks such as eligibility screening and medication assistance.  Both services are available to ICC members.


Medicaider is an online eligibility screening tool, for use with uninsured patients. Its purpose is to assist eligibility workers in determining eligibility for Medicaid, SSI, SCHIP, and other federal and state programs for low-income individuals. The ICC has contracted with Network Sciences LLC to customize the tool with the addition of criteria for eligibility for Title V, Title XX, and MAP funding, as well as Sliding Fee Scale, Seton Care Plus, and Project Access eligibility. In addition to assisting in the determination of public funding eligibility, these customizations make it possible for the ICC members to direct patients to whichever charity care program or programs they desire at any given time.

Patient Prescription Assistance Program (PPAP)

The ICC has contracted with MedData Services (MDS) to provide an internet-based program that assists users in accessing free drugs from pharmaceutical companies on behalf of their patients. The MDS program provides eligibility information and auto-fill forms for most available Patient Prescription Assistance Programs. MDS also tracks orders and dispensation, and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

The MDS program is available to all ICC members. Currently, there are 13 ICC member facilities using the program. The ICC database is managed and administered by an ICC staff person, who also delivers training, user support, and reporting from the system.