ICC History

The health care safety net providers in Travis County came together in spring of 1997 to form the Integrated Care Collaboration (ICC) to address access and financing issues and obstacles to care for low-income and uninsured residents of Central Texas. Among the original goals of the ICC was the development of collaborative programs and projects that would help increase access, improve quality, and lower the costs of providing primary, specialty, and behavioral health care services and would lay the foundation for a more coordinated and integrated system of services for the region’s unfunded population.

As the ICC began to develop programs, it became necessary to create a more formal structure in which to implement and monitor its efforts. As a result, the ICC was organized as a 501(c)(3) under Texas law. Members have been added to include health and social services providers, payers, and purchasers, including hospitals, health care networks, clinics, government agencies, non-profit organizations, individual providers, and others. In 2000 the ICC extended its membership into Williamson, Caldwell, and Hays Counties.

Through the efforts of these visionary providers, the foundation of a community health record was initiated and the first exchange of data among safety net providers began in 2002. As the ICare system grew in both the type and volume of data collected, the ICC was able to generate data and reports on a variety of disease specific (Diabetes, Asthma) conditions and service utilization issues across the area’s safety net system. The system gained a new wealth of information and the ability to begin to stratify patients by severity of need. Safety net providers had a new source of information for coordinating the care of their patients.

The strength of the ICC is that it is an organization established and led by safety net providers across a multi-county region. These providers work collaboratively to address multiple healthcare issues to the benefit of both the medically indigent and the community at large. The ICC has grown over time into a nationally recognized organization for their efforts in assisting community-wide transformation of care through their HIE system, ICare.